View of the Tall Pines Motel Pool Area

Groups and Gatherings

Are you planning on staying at Tall Pines Motel? Thinking about having a family reunion, corporate gathering, special group event and/or looking to get away with extra fun?

We can help! For all our registered guests, we are happy to assist you with planning a wonderful atmosphere on our property and beyond for your event; for a true Lake George Experience.

We can help you prepare for:

BBQs to Gourmet Cookouts

Group Activities:

  • Boat Cruises only
  • Cruise with food
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Rafting
  • Many more activities options
Great for:
  • Bike Clubs
  • Car Clubs
  • Companies
  • Families
  • Friends 
  • Petal Bike Clubs
  • Reunions

When you call to reserve your room(s), please ask for details. Call: (518)668-5122